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What Three Things Your Date Needs To Know About This Holiday Season?

Holiday time is an exciting way to date your mate. The fun to be had is a great way to get closer. When you are off to those Christmas Parties, it is three things your date needs to know. Not doing these can really strain or even embarrass your date. 1) What Is The Dress Code? Certain parties have different feels. It can be a casual setting for Business Casual or it maybe a full out Gala where an exclusive gown is necessary. Please plan in advance and let your date know. 2) What Are They Serving? Ok, there nothing worse that drinking and not having enough on your stomach. Plan according whether you need to grab dinner before or if the event is a sit down. It is detrimental to everyone involved. 3) How Is Going To Be There? Is it your Frat Brothers/ Sorority Sisters? Your work co-workers? Tell your date who is attending so they will be prepared and know whom they will be speaking with. Maybe they would like to think of topics ahead of the event. These three things being answered will make for a smooth Holiday Season and not only that, this shows consideration for your mate and that you want them to be comfortable around you and your outing. Happy Holidays!

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