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Cassandra’s Role as a Coach

As a coach, I am not practicing counseling or psychotherapy.  However, I will express my feelings while in a coaching session. My answers will not reflect psychoanalysis or therapy. Cassandra’s coaching is great if you are already in marriage counseling or have tried it in the past. Coaching works great as a supplement to marriage counseling or an alternative.

My job as a Coach is to help you a custom plan to manage your relationship and/or marriage. Cassandra’s role as a coach is to teach you skills and motivate you to incorporate those skills into your daily life. Cassandra will help you be accountable by supplying you with “homework”, new information, skills, and for the positive changes you decide to make in yourself and in your relationship or marriage.

What you can expect in a coaching session:

Trust is one of the most important parts in any relationship. If the trust level between you and your partner is low, each of you will be asked to build a “trust list,” a list of things you feel you need from each other to help rebuild the trust between you.

To create your ideal goals for your marriage or relationship. Once you and your partner look at where you have been in your relationship, the next step is for you both to decide where you want to go.

To create a relationship formula. Marriage and relationships are made up of six important pieces: communication, physical intimacy, spirituality, practical life (day-to-day household issues,) finances, and romance and fun. You and your mate will work together to assess each piece using the scale and prioritize the pieces according to which needs the most immediate attention.

To create a relationship timeline from the day you and your partner met up to the present day. A relationship timeline, which often reveals certain repetitive cycles or ups and downs, is a valuable tool to help you step back from your life with your mate and observe the big picture.

Even though there is a possibility that you and your partner may have conflict in the finance or physical intimacy, communication must be running smoothly first before the rest of your formula can operate at its full potential. By coming to your coaching sessions, learning how to communicate in a way that makes you and your mate feel heard by one another is an essential quest. Once each of you feels heard by the other, you will learn, as a team, how to problem solve.

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching may be very helpful in a couple of situations. A great example is if you are single. Working on yourself for a possible future relationship is a great way to utilize coaching. Individual coaching is also great when you and your partner may desire it before beginning couples coaching. If trust between you and your significant other needs re-establishing, one or both of you may feel safer to express your feelings in a private session first before participating in a couples session. Private coaching is not uncommon, nor is it inappropriate.

Phone Coaching

If a face-to-face coaching session is not feasible, you may opt for a phone coaching session, which is offered as a ½ hour session or hour session. Although written material is not distributed during phone coaching, the same concepts and skills that are taught in person are also taught during a phone session. If you are not able to schedule a face-to-face coaching session, the next best alternative is to schedule a phone session.

Coaching Fees

Research has shown that for positive behaviors to occur and become a lifestyle change takes at least 12 weeks. During our first free meeting, we will discuss and decide the ideal number of sessions that will suit your unique situation.

Coaching sessions are one hour in length and are $50 per session.

You have the option of paying each week on a session-by-session basis or you can elect to pay for four sessions at the beginning of each month at a discounted rate of $190 - a $10/month savings.

Phone coaching sessions are $27.50 per half-hour and $50 per hour.

To schedule an appointment for face-to-face or phone coaching, call 678-964-5691.

Cancellation Policy

Besides emergency situations, there will be a charge for sessions cancelled within the 24 hours. If you know you will need to cancel a coaching session, please call or e-mail Cassandra within 24 hours of the scheduled session.

Refund Policy

Once sessions have been paid for, either on a session-by-session basis or package plan, refunds will not be given. Unused package plan sessions may be used for any time in the future.

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