"Ain't Nothing But A G-Thang" (G-Spot) is a fresh new look at Adult Sexual Education!


"It's Not Your Mama's Sex Ed!"


Find out what you need to have your sexual experience fit YOU!

Every Wednesday 7-8 PM EST during August 2020

Your SMART goals for "Ain't Nothing But A G-Thang" are carefully planned, clear and trackable objectives. The SMART Goals for this course follows:

  • Identify female reproductive anatomy.

  • Identify the Skene’s glands and G-spot.

  • Identify the significance of Ernest Grafenberg and his findings.

  • Identify the male G-spot or P-spot.

  • Explain ways to stimulate the G-Spot.

  • Identify challenges in finding the G-Spot with and without a partner.

  • Explain the sex toys and lube are for G-Spot play.

  • Identify how female ejaculation works.

  • Explain the difference between male and female ejaculation.

  • Identify how women react to G-Spot orgasms.

  • Explain unigasms, bigasms and trigasms.

  • Explain the optimal sexual positions for G-Spot stimulation.

  • What is the “Venus Butterfly” Technique?

  • Identify what is a G-Shot, what is its purpose, and how does it work.

  • Identify how a woman can find and stimulate their G-Spot for effective orgasms and/or female ejaculation.

Every Wednesday 7-8 PM EST during August 2020



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