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Soul Mating At Sea Cruise


Why Should We Come To Soul Mating At Sea ?

Let's Learn Love host Soul Mating At Sea.  Soul Mating At Sea is a Holistic Sexual Intimacy Course that will help you learn how to love yourself and others more effectively, sexually. Whether you are single or in a relationship, our renowned expert Dr. Cassandra Parks Evans will provide you with the guidance and insight you need to find your inner peace and gain clarity on your sexual purpose in life. Join us for an exclusive Carnival Cruise on the Carnival Conquest and take the first step towards a more fulfilling sexual life.

What exactly is "Soul Mating"? 

Our Soul Mating Holistic Love Course is designed to help you heal and connect with yourself , and your partner, if applicable.  Let's Learn Love will dive into the depths of your past relationships to help you resolve, heal, and learn from them. Through the course, you will learn how to tap into your body's energy and use it to create a deeper connection with yourself.  And if you have a partner, you will learn how to connect your energies. We will also explore your sexual anatomy and how to use it for deeper pleasure and satisfaction. Finally, you will learn about natural herbs and positions to help you enhance your sexual experience and pleasure. Join us for this transformative journey to explore your divine love and power.

What Is The Schedule?

Day 1: Miami, FL

Depart 03:30 PM

Day 2: Workshop / Fun Day at Sea

Day 3: Nassau, the Bahamas
Arrive 08:00 AM

Depart 05:00 PM

Day 4: Miami, FL
Arrive 08:00 AM

What Is There To Do On The Cruise?

Cruising aboard Carnival Conquest elevates fun at sea to an art form — the ship demonstrates a true mastery of the craft with an onboard collage of fun spots for you to enjoy, like Guy's Burger Joint™, RedFrog Rum Bar® and SkyBox™ Sports Bar.

There's fun everywhere you look, from the dance club (great for people-watching) to the show lounges (great for show-watching). Alchemy Bar® serves up not only one-of-a-kind drinks, but a complete experience for your senses. There's even The Punchliner Comedy Club™, which gives stand-up comedians a microphone and a place to share their craft for your enjoyment. And let's not forget Seuss at Sea™ , which turns classic Dr. Seuss stories and characters into big fun for all.

You don't need to be able to tell a Monet from a Renoir to dine in our two artful dining rooms, you just need to be hungry. You don't even need to be a critic to enjoy Dive-In Movies, where cinematic favorites are up on the big screen, poolside.

With delicious food, bars and entertainment, Carnival Conquest features a scene for everybody.

What Is Included In The Price?

All Let's Learn Love Events, The Workshop, and Free Carnival Cruise Line Offerings. We are NOT responsible for ANY additional charges that you may accrue on board. 

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