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"Ain't Nothing But A G-Thang" (G-Spot) is a fresh new look at Adult Sexual Education!


"It's Not Your Mama's Sex Ed!"


Find out what you need to have your sexual experience fit YOU!

Enrollment Opening in 2021!!!

Your SMART goals for "Ain't Nothing But A G-Thang" are carefully planned, clear and trackable objectives. The SMART Goals for this course follows:

  • Identify female reproductive anatomy.

  • Identify the Skene’s glands and G-spot.

  • Identify the significance of Ernest Grafenberg and his findings.

  • Identify the male G-spot or P-spot.

  • Explain ways to stimulate the G-Spot.

  • Identify challenges in finding the G-Spot with and without a partner.

  • Explain the sex toys and lube are for G-Spot play.

  • Identify how female ejaculation works.

  • Explain the difference between male and female ejaculation.

  • Identify how women react to G-Spot orgasms.

  • Explain unigasms, bigasms and trigasms.

  • Explain the optimal sexual positions for G-Spot stimulation.

  • What is the “Venus Butterfly” Technique?

  • Identify what is a G-Shot, what is its purpose, and how does it work.

  • Identify how a woman can find and stimulate their G-Spot for effective orgasms and/or female ejaculation.

Enrollment Opens in 2021!!!

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